Europa brothers' tips for Valencia's Nevilles

The only twins managing in Europe's top divisions have given some special advice to Gary and Phil Neville as the brothers start work together at Valencia.

Europa coaches David and Dimas Carrasco
Europa coaches David and Dimas Carrasco ©FutbolCarrasco

With his younger brother Phil working as assistant, Gary Neville will take the reins at Valencia for the first time this week. Dimas and David Carrasco, the twin brothers who are leading Europa's charge for the title in Gibraltar, feel working with your sibling is a win-win.

Dimas Carrasco advised the Neville brothers to keep one word in mind as the former Manchester United team-mates work together again. "Unity!" the coach told "They should both discuss everything they are going to try and put across to the players beforehand and that all decisions need to be made with equal input between them. If there is a strong bond as brothers have, the squad will respond to this unity and become stronger. There is no honesty and clarity like the communication between siblings; they should use this to their advantage."

Phil and Gary Neville at United
Phil and Gary Neville at United©Getty Images

Coach Dimas says having brother David as his assistant is something special. "The relationship between my brother and I goes beyond family," he added. "We are aware we are a special case as we are also twins. We both know that together we double our capacity to work and like this we can achieve more.

"When we work together shoulder to shoulder, we complement each other and our working partnership is nearly perfect. We have been working together since birth! When it comes to training sessions, analysing rivals, directing matches, four eyes are better than two. Sometimes we don't even have to communicate verbally – our minds work as one and we can understand each other with just a look."

Other notable family coaching teams

• Twins are perhaps less rare than you think in European football, as discovered back in 2011. Our 'Ultimate football families' piece also shone a spotlight on some great stories.

• One of Ronald Koeman's assistants at Southampton is his older brother Erwin.

Niko Kovač hired Robert to assist him during his time as Croatia coach.

Waldemar Fornalik and his brother Tomasz work together at Polish side Ruch Chorzów.

Sir Alex Ferguson employed his younger brother Martin as a scout.

Friedhelm and Wolfgang Funkel work together at German second-tier side Hansa Rostock.

• Twins Dick and Ian Campbell have been managing together in Scotland's lower leagues for some years.

• Italian brothers Dario and Ivano Bonetti managed Dundee together from 2000–02. 

Vít and Jan Baránek coached Baník Ostrava's youth team, where Vít's son Jan was one of their players.

• In Bulgaria, Adalbert and Martin Zafirov trained Kaliakra Kavarna together in 2012.

• In Kazkhstan, Sergei Yuran was assisted by his brother Yuri as coach at Lokomotiv Astana in 2009, while, the following year, Sergey Volgin Jr was his father Sergey Volgin's assistant at Kairat Almaty. This year, Vladimir Yarovenko helped out his brother Yevgeni as Taraz coach – and Yevgeni's son Aleksandr played for them.

Mehman Allakhverdiev had his brother Fizuli as his assistant at Kapaz in Azerbaijan.

• In France, René Girard kept his son Nicolas close at hand for several years; Nicolas was his physical training coach at Montpellier from 2009–13 and was listed as joint coach when Girard led LOSC from 2013–15.

• In Russia, Valeri Gazzaev hired his son Valeri as coach during his time as president of Alania Vladikavkaz, while boss Yuri Semin kept his son Andrei on staff when he coached Lokomotiv Moskva, Mordovia Saransk, Anji and Qäbälä.