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Torres and Gabi on Atlético Madrid's chances

Fernando Torres says representing Atlético Madrid in the UEFA Champions League final is "the game of my life" while captain Gabi is also "dreaming big".

Fernando Torres (right) and Gabi face the media in Milan
Fernando Torres (right) and Gabi face the media in Milan ©Getty Images

Fernando Torres on ... what the UEFA Champions League final means to him 
There's no doubt this game is the biggest game I will ever play in. I'm very happy to be at this club. I started here aged five but this is going to be very different from anything else. I was lucky enough to win this competition with Chelsea [in 2012] and to win lots with Spain – but this is very special for me.

To me, this means everything – everything you dream of when you're at a club – and now I have the chance to make this dream come true. I've had the opportunity to play for great teams but this is special, different – it's what I wanted when I was a kid, maybe even more than that. The club and Diego Simeone gave me the chance to come back and it's been hard. I've had to fight for a place in the team and to score goals. This is the game of my life, without doubt.

Fernando Torres on ... what victory would mean to Atlético
Real Madrid are a great club, one of the best. We share a city and we're excited about overturning history. We're excited about writing a new page in the history of Atletico Madrid. A lot has been achieved in the last few years but we can't just think about that – this is a major opportunity. History is changing all the time, we have the opportunity to write it and we will.

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Fernando Torres on ... coming back to Atlético
There's not one single way of achieving your objectives. We live and play with the assets we have, with our values. It's important to show foreign players what it means to play for Atlético. One of the nicest things is that everyone feels part of it – it's a very positive atmosphere. I've played with Gabi before but the likes of Saúl and Koke were boys when I was here first time. I hope we transmit to the new players the values of the club and that we show them what's important: the team. With the team we can win.

Fernando Torres on ... being back at Stadio San Siro after his 2014/15 spell at AC Milan
I hope San Siro will be a magical place for the Atlético Madrid fans – one we will always remember and smile about. I have many friends here and they will be with Atlético Madrid. Let's hope everyone can join in a special and historic night for Atlético.

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Gabi on ... the legacy of the 2014 final
The past is not worth considering now. We've beaten Real Madrid so many times, except for that final. That's the past now, what matters for us is the future. We have the talent to beat Madrid and that's what we're going to try to do. From that final, I feel the pride of the players that were there. The team fought until the end, it was a tough defeat – but we have hope. We're happy to have a new chance. No one has given us anything, what we've achieved is down to ourselves. The final in Lisbon was what we aspire to. We've put in a lot of work since and we hope to be rewarded this time.

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Gabi on ... winning the trophy
I've dreamt of lifting the cup – not just now, since I was a boy. This is the biggest match of our lives. When you dream, you dream big, and this is going to be a big day for all of us.

Gabi on ... Atlético's final opponents
Madrid always play these games at a very high level – they have the experience for that. They have the players and the resources. Tomorrow will be our most difficult game against them for the last three years. There's nothing better than winning the Champions League by beating one of the best – and that's certainly the case with Real Madrid.

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