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The Champions League quarter-finalists' pedigree

Barcelona are in a record 12th straight quarter-final while Ajax end a 16-year absence: all the last eight's past ties.

Liverpool saw off Manchester City in last season's quarter-finals
Liverpool saw off Manchester City in last season's quarter-finals ©Getty Images

Who's familiar with this stage and who's in uncharted territory? looks at the quarter-finalists' European Cup pedigree.

  • Quarter-final draw streamed at 12CET on Friday
  • Barcelona in last eight for 12th successive season
  • Ajax end 16-year absence
  • Third appearance for Spurs and Manchester City

Ajax – W8 L4

2002/03 AC Milan L2-3 (0-0h, 2-3a)
1996/97 Atlético Madrid W4-3 (1-1h, 3-2a aet)
1995/96 Borussia Dortmund W3-0 (2-0a, 1-0h)
1994/95 Hajduk Split W3-0 (0-0a, 3-0h)
1979/80 Strasbourg W4-0 (0-0a, 4-0h)
1977/78 Juventus L2-2, 0-3pens (1-1h, 1-1a aet)

1972/73 Bayern München W5-2 (4-0h, 1-2a)
1971/72 Arsenal W3-1 (2-1h, 1-0a)
1970/71 Celtic W3-1 (3-0h, 0-1a)
1968/69 Benfica W4-4, 3-0 replay (1-3h, 3-1a, 3-0n aet)
1966/67 Dukla Praha L2-3 (1-1h, 1-2a)
1957/58 Vasas L2-6 (2-2h, 0-4a)

Barcelona – W14 L6

Last season: Roma stun Barcelona
Last season: Roma stun Barcelona

2017/18 Roma L4-4, away goals (4-1h, 0-3a)
2016/17 Juventus L0-3 (0-3a, 0-0h)
2015/16 Atlético Madrid L2-3 (2-1h, 0-2a)

2014/15 Paris Saint-Germain W5-1 (3-1a, 2-0h)
2013/14 Atlético Madrid L1-2 (1-1h, 0-1a)
2012/13 Paris Saint-Germain W3-3, away goals (2-2a, 1-1h)
2011/12 AC Milan W3-1 (0-0a, 3-1h)
2010/11 Shakhtar Donetsk W6-1 (5-1h, 1-0a)
2009/10 Arsenal W6-3 (2-2a, 4-1h)
2008/09 Bayern München W5-1 (4-0h, 1-1a)
2007/08 Schalke W2-0 (1-0a, 1-0h)
2005/06 Benfica W2-0 (0-0a, 2-0h)
2002/03 Juventus L2-3 (1-1a, 1-2h aet)
2001/02 Panathinaikos W3-2 (0-1a, 3-1h)
1999/00 Chelsea W6-4 (1-3a, 5-1h aet)
1994/95 Paris Saint-Germain L2-3 (1-1h, 1-2a)
1985/86 Juventus W2-1 (1-0h, 1-1a)
1974/75 Åtvidaberg W5-0 (2-0h, 3-0a)
1960/61 Hradec Králové W5-1 (4-0h, 1-1a)
1959/60 Wolverhampton Wanderers W9-2 (4-0h, 5-2a)

Juventus – W12 L6

2017/18 Real Madrid L3-4 (0-3h, 3-1a)
2016/17 Barcelona W3-0 (3-0h, 0-0a)
2014/15 Monaco W1-0 (1-0h, 0-0a)
2012/13 Bayern München L0-4 (0-2a, 0-2h)
2005/06 Arsenal L0-2 (0-2a, 0-0h)
2004/05 Liverpool L1-2 (1-2a, 0-0h)
2002/03 Barcelona W3-2 (1-1h, 2-1a aet)
1998/99 Olympiacos W3-2 (2-1h, 1-1a)
1997/98 Dynamo Kyiv W5-2 (1-1h, 4-1a)
1996/97 Rosenborg W3-1 (1-1a, 2-0h)
1995/96 Real Madrid W2-1 (0-1a, 2-0h)
1985/86 Barcelona L1-2 (0-1a, 1-1h)
1984/85 Sparta Praha W3-1 (3-0h, 0-1a)
1982/83 Aston Villa W5-2 (2-1a, 3-1h)
1977/78 Ajax W2-2, 3-0 penalties (1-1a, 1-1h)
1972/73 Újpest W2-2, away goals (0-0h, 2-2a)
1967/68 Eintracht Braunschweig W3-3, 1-0 replay (2-3a, 1-0h, 1-0n)
1961/62 Real Madrid L1-1, 1-3 replay (0-1h, 0-1a, 1-3n)

Liverpool – W10 L4

2017/18 Manchester City W5-1 (3-0h, 2-1a)
2008/09 Chelsea L5-7 (1-3h, 4-4a)

2007/08 Arsenal W5-3 (1-1a, 4-2h)
2006/07 PSV Eindhoven W4-0 (3-0a, 1-0h)
2004/05 Juventus W2-1 (2-1h, 0-0a)
2001/02 Bayer Leverkusen L3-4 (1-0h, 2-4a)
1984/85 Austria Wien W5-2 (1-1a, 4-1h)
1983/84 Benfica W5-1 (1-0h, 4-1a)
1982/83 Widzew Łódź L3-4 (0-2a, 3-2h)
1981/82 CSKA Sofia L1-2 (1-0h, 0-2a)

1980/81 CSKA Sofia W6-1 (5-1h, 1-0a)
1977/78 Benfica W6-2 (2-1a, 4-1h)
1976/77 St-Étienne W3-2 (0-1a, 3-1h)
1964/65 Köln W2-2, coin toss (0-0a, 0-0h, 2-2n)

Manchester City – W1 L1

2017/18 Liverpool L1-5 (0-3a, 1-2h)
2015/16 Paris Saint-Germain W3-2 (2-2a, 1-0h)

Manchester United – W12 L6

2013/14 Bayern München L2-4 (1-1h, 1-3a)
2010/11 Chelsea W3-1 (1-0a, 2-1h)
2009/10 Bayern München L4-4, away goals (1-2a, 3-2h)
2008/09 Porto W3-2 (2-2h, 1-0a)
2007/08 Roma W3-0 (2-0a, 1-0h)
2006/07 Roma W8-3 (1-2a, 7-1h)
2002/03 Real Madrid L5-6 (1-3a, 4-3h)

2001/02 Deportivo La Coruña W5-2 (2-0a, 3-2h)
2000/01 Bayern München L1-3 (0-1h, 1-2a)
1999/2000 Real Madrid L2-3 (0-0a, 2-3h)

1998/99 Internazionale Milano W3-1 (2-0h, 1-1a)
1997/98 Monaco W1-1, away goals (0-0a, 1-1h)
1996/97 Porto W4-0 (4-0h, 0-0a)
1968/69 Rapid Wien W3-0 (3-0h, 0-0a)
1967/68 Górnik Zabrze W2-1 (2-0h, 0-1a)
1965/66 Benfica W8-3 (3-2h, 5-1a)
1957/58 Crvena zvezda W5-4 (2-1h, 3-3a)
1956/57 Athletic Club W6-5 (3-5a, 3-0h)

Porto – W2 L5

Watch Liverpool put five past Porto last season
Watch Liverpool put five past Porto last season

2014/15 Bayern München L4-7 (3-1h, 1-6a)
2008/09 Manchester United L2-3 (2-2a, 0-1h)

2003/04 Lyon W4-2 (2-0h, 2-2a)
1999/00 Bayern München L2-3 (1-1h, 1-2a)
1996/97 Manchester United L0-4 (0-4a, 0-0h)

1990/91 Bayern München L1-3 (1-1a, 0-2h)

1986/87 Brøndby W2-1 (1-0h, 1-1a)

Tottenham Hotspur – W1 L1

2010/11 Real Madrid L0-5 (0-1h, 0-4a)
1961/62 Dukla Praha W4-2 (4-1h, 0-1a)