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Delight for Luis Enrique, frustration for Blanc

Luis Enrique was thrilled with his side after beating Paris Saint-Germain to top Group F while Laurent Blanc and Zlatan Ibrahimović felt the visitors wasted a big chance in Spain.

Zlatan Ibrahimović and Lionel Messi embrace at the final whistle
Zlatan Ibrahimović and Lionel Messi embrace at the final whistle ©AFP/Getty Images

Luis Enrique says Barcelona deserved their 3-1 win against Paris
Laurent Blanc frustrated after his side "lacked efficiency" in Spain
• Andrés Iniesta delighted hosts secured top spot in Group F
Paris's Zlatan Ibrahimović says qualification was first goal
Round of 16 draw takes place in Nyon at 12.00CET on 15 December

Luis Enrique, Barcelona coach
We had control of the match from the start. It was difficult, especially conceding a goal. We made use of our best players to hurt Paris as much as we could. I think we are stronger now and our opponents do not know what to expect, so it has been a positive night. The team is not designed according to the opponent but according to how much damage we can inflict. We make the most of the characteristics of our players.

We need to be 11 men attacking and 11 defending. Luis Suárez was good, but so were Pedro Rodríguez, Neymar, Sergio Busquets, Javier Mascherano, the keeper – everyone. I want to score more goals than the opponent. I am happy for the scorers, but I am happier for the team winning.

We have defended the same all season. We do not want corners against us, that is important. We always suffer from corners because of the height of our team. We deserved to win and we were loyal to who we are as a team. I do not know who I want and who I do not want in the next round because it would be a lack of respect. We have done our job in the group so I imagine other teams want to avoid being drawn against us.

Zlatan: Paris paid for mistakes

Laurent Blanc, Paris coach
We feel frustrated because we had an idea of how the match would go but we lacked quality going forward. We could have scored to make it 2-2 with the chances we had. We lacked efficiency in attack and defence. We lacked the right level.

We had to take risks, we ended up playing four forwards. We wanted a good result and we wanted to take risks. We almost scored to make it 2-0 but it did not happen. Great players turn a small chance into a goal, into a great goal. We tried to make it 2-2 but we lost 3-1 unfortunately.

We had planned to play on the counterattack but I think in the first half we had more chances than Barcelona. We made life difficult for them. We focused on the midfield and it did work more or less well. We lacked something, though, and we could have defended better. It is a disadvantage to finish second in the group. In the next match you will have to face a big team. I wanted a positive result and to top the group but it did not happen so we will have to wait patiently for the draw.

Andrés Iniesta, Barcelona midfielder
We tried to surprise Paris, tried to look for space, to be superior and to create dangerous situations. I think we achieved all that – we turned the match around when we were 1-0 down. We had to give a complete performance to be superior to Paris because they are a great side.

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[Paris] hardly ever change their way of playing. We had to surprise our opponents and create chances. I prefer to play the return leg at home but in the knockout stages there are teams that play the return leg away from home and qualify. But I prefer to play here in the second leg so we can have our fans help us knock our opponents out.

Zlatan Ibrahimović, Paris forward
We started well, we created a lot of chances and we managed to score from one of them. After that were punished and lost the game. I know how it is to play at the Camp Nou – you have to keep your mistakes to a minimum and only then can you succeed. We did not do that today. My Achilles is still not 100%, but it is good enough for a game. I just have to take one game at a time and hope it will get better. It is still not completely healed, but it's nothing I want to complain about, it's good enough to play.

We have qualified and that was the primary goal. Of course we had the chance to win the group – which we failed to do. There are a lot of good teams that have won their groups, so we just have to wait and see. To progress in the Champions League you need to beat the best.

Marc-André ter Stegen, Barcelona goalkeeper
It was really important to be first in the group. That is what counted. They had maybe one or two more opportunities to score but in the end we have to say we played well. We scored at the right time. It was not easy because they have quality. They are Paris, after all.

Barcelona take victory in their stride

But it is good for us to know that we are first in the group. We are all happy with him [Luis Suárez]. He did a good job today and got his result at the end with a goal. He always fights for the team, which is really important. He is really good for the team so I hope he can continue like this.

Maxwell, Paris defender
This is frustrating. We missed some good chances to score the second goal. In this type of game, when you make mistakes like that it is always really expensive. We made mistakes at the back, they have strong players up front, they created the chances, they scored and I think they deserve it. But we could have done a little better, especially in taking the chances to score the second goal.

It is true that even though we have not won the group we showed a lot of strength, we showed a lot of quality but we also showed that we cannot make mistakes like we are doing. We are going to get a strong team in the draw, that tells you that we must take responsibility and correct the mistakes we have been making. We need to do a better job to win games like this.