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Chelsea's Kai Havertz on how it feels to score the winning goal in a UEFA Champions League final – interview

"It's something that will be with me forever," said the Chelsea forward as he looked back on scoring the only goal in the 2021 UEFA Champions League decider against Manchester City.

Chelsea's Kai Havertz celebrates scoring the only goal in the 2021 UEFA Champions League final
Chelsea's Kai Havertz celebrates scoring the only goal in the 2021 UEFA Champions League final POOL/AFP via Getty Images

At 21, Kai Havertz was the hero of the hour in the 2021 UEFA Champions League final in Porto, hitting the only goal after 42 minutes as his Chelsea side overcame Premier League rivals Manchester City.

The former Leverkusen attacking midfielder talked over how it feels to score a goal that stirs emotions all over the world.

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On the build-up to last season's final

Havertz's Champions League winning goal

There were days filled with anticipation, but at the same time nervousness because I think that was the biggest and most important day of the year for football. It's not possible to shut down completely, although we tried to get distracted and fill our heads with other things, but in the back of our minds the game was always there. I, personally, did not sleep well.

On the way to the stadium, we could feel [the atmosphere]. The city was either blue or light blue for Manchester City: that's why it was very special. When we got out into the stadium, before the game, it was an amazing feeling to see the fans again. We looked at their faces, and we could see that for them it was amazing to be back again and supporting their team, and this gave us extra strength.

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Kai Havertz factfile

Born: 11 June 1999, Aachen, Germany
Height: 1.90m
UEFA club competition appearances/goals: 40/11
UEFA Champions League appearances/goals: 28/4
International appearances/goals: 25/8


On scoring in the decider against Manchester City

Great Chelsea Champions League goals

There are no words to describe all the emotions. Scoring goals is the best moment for a football player. Because you sense the feelings of the fans, and you know how people sat watching at home on TV feel too. People who know you too, you know they'll be delighted for you, so in such a game the emotions are incredible. It was just amazing to score that goal.

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I am usually associated with the deciding goal, but for me it was more about being able to hold the cup in my hands. It was something very surreal. I couldn't really believe it and that's why I wasn't that emotional. It was only after a few days when I realised, "Amazing, you made it!" It wasn't just my dream but for all the people that accompany me, like my family, the people at the club, my coaches at Leverkusen. It was a dream for everybody, and I knew it would make everyone else happy that I could fulfil that dream for them.

On how it feels to look back on the achievement one year on

Kai Havertz with the trophy in Porto
Kai Havertz with the trophy in PortoPOOL/AFP via Getty Images

I can't really describe it in words. It's something that will be with me forever. I'll never forget what I achieved that year. And it helps you during more difficult phases too, when you think back and remember that you managed to achieve your greatest childhood dream. And so young too: I was only 21.

There's still a lot to come. Football is a business, and many people won't care about it two weeks after a Champions League win, and if you have a bad game, it's all forgotten about. But I thought to myself, just let the emotions take hold of you: you've achieved your childhood dream, you've scored the goal that won the Champions League.

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