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The best moments in UEFA Champions League history

Lionel Messi's solo goal or Cristiano Ronaldo's overhead kick? Our search for the greatest moment in 30 years of the UEFA Champions League has reached the last two.

30 Seasons of That #UCLFeeling final

To celebrate 30 seasons of That #UCLFeeling, we're asking fans to decide the greatest moment in UEFA Champions League history.

Vote now: final

Over the course of 2021/22, fans are voting for the most iconic moments since the rebranding of the European Cup in the early 1990s. We began by giving fans an opportunity to vote on everything from unforgettable goals and comebacks to sensational skills and impossible saves.

The top two moments from each of the eight categories advanced to the knockout stages, where they will go head-to-head until a winner is crowned. The initial 16 have been whittled down to two, and the final vote is now live.

The final: Messi's solo goal vs Ronaldo's bicycle kick

Lionel Messi's mesmerising solo run

Real Madrid 0-2 Barcelona, 27/04/2011 – semi-final first leg

30 Seasons of That #UCLFeeling: Great goals – Messi

The occasion was massive, and Lionel Messi rose to it with a solo goal for the ages. Pressing home Barcelona's advantage against ten-man Real Madrid in the final minutes at the Santiago Bernabéu, Messi shook off Sergio Ramos, Raúl Albiol and Marcelo before nonchalantly beating Iker Casillas.

Back in 2019, Messi confirmed in a radio interview that this 2-0 win in Madrid was the match he remembers most fondly from his career. His coach Pep Guardiola also managed to maintain his composure on the night of the strike, saying merely: "We are lucky to have Messi; at the age of 23, he's the third top scorer in our club's history and that's impressive." Understatement of the century.

Cristiano Ronaldo's bicycle kick

Juventus 0-3 Real Madrid, 03/04/2018 – quarter-final first leg

30 Seasons of That #UCLFeeling: Great goals – Ronaldo

"Seen a lot of goals in my time but that is absolutely breathtaking from Ronaldo," tweeted broadcaster and former England striker Gary Lineker after watching 'CR7' stick a stunning overhead kick past his future employers in the course of a devastating first-leg performance from the soon-to-be European champions.

Ronaldo has scored a fair few stunners in his time but was quietly proud of the way he hung in the air to smack Dani Carvajal's floated pass into the net when he spoke to UEFA.com after the match: "Great goal. What can I say? Fantastic. I didn't expect to score that goal."

Semi-final match-ups

Semi-final poll results

Alexander-Arnold's quick thinking vs Messi's solo goal*
Ronaldo's bicycle kick* vs Liverpool's Istanbul comeback


Quarter-final match-ups

Quarter-final poll results

Messi's solo goal* vs Kaká's assist
Messi's free-kick vs Alexander-Arnold's quick thinking*
Ronaldo bicycle kick* vs Ronaldo's free-kick
Liverpool's Istanbul comeback* vs Coupet's header and recovery


Round of 16 match-ups

Round of 16 poll results

Ronaldo bicycle kick* vs La Remontada
Alexander-Arnold's quick thinking* vs Sheriff shock
Messi's free-kick* vs Özil's scoop
Messi's first for Paris vs Coupet's header and recovery*
Messi's solo goal*
vs Drogba's celebration
Liverpool's Istanbul comeback* vs Messi's skill
Ronaldo's free-kick* vs Oblak's save
Mourinho's celebration vs Kaká's assist*


Category winners

Best moments of 30th season so far
Lionel Messi's first goal for Paris

Paris Saint-Germain 2-0 Manchester City
, 28/09/2021 – group stage
Sheriff's shock winner at Real Madrid

Real Madrid 1-2 Sheriff
, 28/09/2021 – group stage

Best free-kicks
Lionel Messi's dead-ball masterclass

Barcelona 3-0 Liverpool
, 01/05/2019 – semi-final first leg
Cristiano Ronaldo's piledriver
Arsenal 1-3 Manchester United, 05/05/2009 – semi-final second leg

Best saves
Oblak's three-pronged resistance

Atlético 0-0 Leverkusen
, 15/03/2017 – round of 16 second leg
Coupet's header and recovery

Barcelona 2-0 Lyon
, 10/10/2001 – first group stage

Best comebacks
The Miracle of Istanbul
AC Milan 3-3 Liverpool (aet, Liverpool win 3-2 on pens), 25/05/2005 – final
Barcelona stun Paris
Barcelona 6-1 Paris Saint-Germain, 08/03/2017 – round of 16 second leg

Best goals
Cristiano Ronaldo's bicycle kick
Juventus 0-3 Real Madrid, 03/04/2018 – quarter-final first leg
Lionel Messi's solo run

Real Madrid 0-2 Barcelona
, 27/04/2011 – semi-final first leg

Best assists
Trent Alexander-Arnold's quick thinking
Liverpool 4-0 Barcelona, 07/05/2019 – semi-final second leg
Kaká's ultimate through ball

AC Milan 3-3 Liverpool (aet, Liverpool win 3-2 on pens), 25/05/2005 – final

Most memorable celebrations
José Mourinho's touchline sprint
Manchester United 1-1 Porto, 09/03/2004 – round of 16 second leg
Didier Drogba's trophy dash

Bayern 1-1 Chelsea (aet, Chelsea win 4-3 on pens), 19/05/2012 – final

Best skills
Lionel Messi's flick

Barcelona 3-1 Arsenal, 08/03/2011 – round of 16 second leg
Mesut Özil's scoop

Ludogorets 2-3 Arsenal, 01/11/2016 – group stage