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Group win was Legia's goal

Ondrej Duda and Michał Kucharczyk said Legia Warszawa achieved their goal by beating Trabzonspor AŞ to top Group L, but the visitors have their eyes on the knockouts.

Aykut Demir challenges Michał Kucharczyk
Aykut Demir challenges Michał Kucharczyk ©AFP/Getty Images

Legia beat Trabzonspor 2-0 to top Group L and Ondrej Duda and Michał Kucharczyk delighted
Duda admits he has never seen something like the opening own goal live
Aykut Demir and Ersun Yanal put defeat behind them
Round of 32 draw takes place in Nyon at 13.00CET on 15 December

Ondrej Duda, Legia midfielder
We played a very good game – congratulations to the whole team and especially to Orlando Sá who was involved in both goals. It is true we were lucky with the first one. I must admit that until now I have only seen such strange goals on the internet and never in the match I played in. But still, goal is a goal, and it helped us to realise our plan – to win the last game and the group.

Trabzonspor played worse that in the first match. They have players with fantastic individual skills, but here in Warsaw they lacked discipline, which made our task easier.

I am satisfied with Legia's performances in the group stage and I am already focused on Monday's draw. I would like to play against Liverpool in the round of 32. They are my favourite team and would be very nice to have the chance to face them.

Michał Kucharczyk, Legia winger
We believed from the very beginning that we could win this group. This was our goal and we achieved it. We did not have any problem with motivation for this game. OK, we had our qualification secured but, as I said, the goal was to win the group. We did it and now can look forward for the draw. I don't have any side I want to face as I know that at this stage every opponent will be difficult.

Aykut Demir, Trabzonspor defender
We wanted to win this game and finish at the top of the group but unfortunately we were not able to do that. But don't forget that we are speaking about the teams which had secured their qualification already. We don't have to worry about this game too much. We did not lose anything in Warsaw – we are still in the Europa League and can focus on a new challenge. I can't wait for Monday's draw.

Ersun Yanal, Trabzonspor coach
It was a tough game and the situation was a bit unusual as the teams already had their qualification secured. Our opponents played hard and we responded the same way. Sometimes we were too nervous and I admit there were moments when the style of play was not very attractive. We had more clear opportunities in the second half, but we lacked efficiency. However, the game is over and we will forget about it. We are looking forward.