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Worst tattoos? Top chef? Nutmeg kings? Get to know Manchester United

The Red Devils' stars air some tiny grievances ahead of the final encounter with Villarreal.

Star DJ Axel Tuanzebe and Aaron Wan-Bissaka in full flight
Star DJ Axel Tuanzebe and Aaron Wan-Bissaka in full flight Manchester United via Getty Imag

Football skills are not the only arena in which top-level football players as UEFA.com discovered ahead of Manchester United's UEFA Europa League final meeting with Villarreal.

Alex Telles, Eric Bailly, Edinson Cavani, Fred, Dean Henderson, Daniel James, Luke Shaw, Aaron Wan-Bissaka and Brandon Williams gave their take on their team-mates ahead of the big night in Gdańsk.

Who was the last person who nutmegged you?

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Brandon Williams: "Donny van de Beek, in the warm-up just before the game against Liverpool. The last person I nutmegged? Mason [Greenwood], in the same warm-up that Donny ‘megged me in. I did it to Mason as well."

Fred: "I think it was [Marcus] Rashford. It was an embarrassing one. The last person I nutmegged? It was also Rashford. It was today during training. I got him back."

Dean Henderson: "Nathan Bishop loves a nutmeg past me I think, in the close finishing throughout the goalkeepers. Who did I most recently nutmeg? Lee Grant. I nutmegged him a few times today, so I’ll take that!"

Luke Shaw: "I haven’t been nutmegged in training for a while. The last one in training was Paul Pogba, though. But it was a long time ago when Zlatan Ibrahimović was here as well, and he was on my team. He nutmegged me, scored, and Zlatan killed me. I remember that very, very well."

Who is United's best chef?

Scott McTominay: he can cook AND sing
Scott McTominay: he can cook AND singManchester United via Getty Imag

Brandon Williams: “Scotty McTominay’s probably got a bit about him because he likes his food.”

Dean Henderson: “He takes pride in his dishes, so if I was going to go round to anyone’s house, it’d be Scotty’s.”

Fred: “I’m confident in the kitchen.”

Daniel James: “I make a nice lasagne and a nice spaghetti bolognese, so I’d go for me.”

Edinson Cavani: “I’m pretty good in the kitchen.”

Eric Bailly: “You’ve got different chefs: there’s a South American chef, an African chef – I’m the African chef.”

Alex Telles: “I think it’s [Marcus Rashford] because he’s always on Instagram making food videos and I watch them. I don’t know if it’s good, but it looks good.”

Who has United's best and worst tattoos?

Daniel James: “Brandon [Williams] and Rashy [Marcus Rashford] have got a similar tattoo, but I’m not sure what it says. But I know Mason’s [Greenwood] got a nice [tattoo], I think it’s a lion, on his forearm.”

Aaron Wan-Bissaka: “Who’s up there with tattoos? Marcus [Rashford]. He’s quite inked up.”

Dean Henderson: “Worst tattoos? Brandon Williams probably, because he copied Marcus’s tattoos and they’re just not quite the same!”

Fred: “Who has the best tattoo? I do.”

Alex Telles: “The worst? Fred. I can’t even figure out the drawings.”

If United started a band, who would play what?

Alex Telles sings and plays guitar
Alex Telles sings and plays guitarUEFA via Getty Images

Edinson Cavani: “If I’d start a band, the singer would be David de Gea, and the dancer would be Paul [Pogba].”

Daniel James: “Paul is a good dancer. I think Alex [Telles] is a good singer, but he’s good on the guitar as well, so Alex will play guitar; and Scott [McTominay] is very good at singing, so Scott would definitely be there for his vocals.”

Aaron Wan-Bissaka: “Alex [Telles], guitar. He can play a guitar, I think, yeah. Paul [Pogba], he’s on the microphone, main singer. Fred’s on the drums.”

Luke Shaw: “Juan Mata can be playing the triangle in the back.”

Alex Telles: “I would be singing and playing the guitar because I like playing the guitar. I was going to create a pagode band since I’m Brazilian, and I’d choose me, Fred and Bruno [Fernandes]. I would also pick Paul [Pogba]; he likes being around the Brazilians and he would play the reco-reco.”

Fred: “Eric Bailly can also be our dancer and that’s good, it’s a band. At least we can dance. We can’t sing at all, but we can dance.”

Dean Henderson: “Paul [Pogba] can dance, Scott [McTominay] can sing, and Eric [Bailly] can dance as well. Best dressing room DJ? Axel Tuanzebe, he gives everyone a bit of what they want.”

Luke Shaw: “A few people have had a go [at being dressing room DJ]. David [de Gea] is the worst ever. His music is so bad. But I think I’ll have to go with Bruno [Fernandes] at the moment just because Bruno’s mixed it up. He plays a bit of everything.”

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