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Zürich and Germany's Grings answers tweets

FC Zürich Frauen's record-breaking German striker Inka Grings answers your questions – discussing her memories, overcoming adversity and why England may be ones to watch.

Zürich and Germany's Grings answers tweets
Zürich and Germany's Grings answers tweets ©uefa.com 1998-2012. All rights reserved.

Record-breaking former Germany striker Inka Grings took a break from preparing for FC Zürich Frauen's UEFA Women's Champions League round of 32 tie with FCF Juvisy Essonne to answer questions posted by UEFA.com users via our twitter page @UEFAcom using #AskInka. The 33-year-old, top scorer at the past two UEFA European Women's Championships and a UEFA Women's Cup winner with FCR 2001 Duisburg in 2009, discusses her fondest memories, triumphing through adversity and why England may be ones to watch.

‏@ErryKop: How have you managed to play for so long at the top level?

Inka Grings: I think my ambition and the people around me made me fight to get to the top. There were certainly times when I wasn't having fun and didn't have any power left. I had to start from scratch and claw my way back, and that's very tough, psychologically as well. It cost me a lot of energy, but I still love this sport; I think that helps you go beyond your limits.

@MrCookieBoy: What are your best memories as a football player?

Grings: I've had so many great moments internationally with the national team, but also with Duisburg and even here in Switzerland we had a really successful season [winning the title and reaching the UEFA Women's Champions League round of 32]. I think that in 17 years as a professional footballer there are bound to be a lot of nice moments and experiences, personal ones too. But to list them all now is difficult – there's no concrete 'one' I could name.

‏@Football_Dan: Who is the best player you have played alongside, and why?

Grings: I've played with some greats, really nice people – players like Maren Meinert, Birgit Prinz, Martina Voss, Bettina Wiegmann and also Claudia Mandrysch from my time at Duisburg. I played with all of them, and they really left a mark on me. I can't name just one really exceptional player, there have been too many great ones.

@marcbernstein: Will the England national team ever make it to the level of the German or US sides?

Grings: Let me answer with a counter question: why not? I think England have developed a lot in the past few years. There are a lot of young players in the team that need to gain some experience – similar to the German team, who didn't just come out of the blue and become truly world class. I think the work they're doing in England is good. And I think that if the league becomes a bit stronger, then I'm convinced England will be fighting at the top in the next few years.

‏@Deegley: Which players do you like to watch and why?

Grings: I love football and watch almost every game from the German Bundesliga. I follow the Spanish and English leagues, and also the German women's Bundesliga, but I can't really say that I have a favourite player.

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