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Where to watch the UEFA Women's Champions League final

Fans across the world can enjoy the UEFA Women's Champions League final between Lyon and Paris Saint-Germain thanks to UEFA's broadcast partners.

Where to watch the UEFA Women's Champions League final
Where to watch the UEFA Women's Champions League final ©Getty Images

The UEFA Women's Champions League final takes place on Thursday 1 June in Cardiff – kick-off 20:45CET – with fans all over the world set to tune in to watch Lyon play Paris Saint-Germain.

Pan-European coverage of the match will be provided by Eurosport, while France 2 will also have live free-to-air coverage of the final in the two clubs' home country. Viewers across the Middle East and North Africa can enjoy the game on beIN Sports, while fans in all other territories where there is no broadcast coverage will be able to stream the action live on UEFA.com and UEFA.tv.

Highlights will also be available on UEFA.com and UEFA.tv from midnight CET.

Where to watch: official broadcast partners (subject to update):


Albania: Eurosport
Andorra: Eurosport
Armenia: Eurosport
Austria: Eurosport
Azerbaijan: Eurosport
Belarus: Eurosport
Belgium: Eurosport
Bosnia and Herzegovina: Eurosport
Bulgaria: Eurosport
Croatia: Eurosport
Cyprus: Eurosport
Czech Republic: Eurosport
Denmark: Eurosport
Estonia: Eurosport
Finland: Eurosport
France: EurosportFrance 2
FYR Macedonia: Eurosport
Georgia: Eurosport
Germany: Eurosport
Greece: Eurosport
Hungary: Eurosport
Iceland: Eurosport
Israel: Eurosport
Italy: EurosportNuvola61
Kazakhstan: Eurosport
Kosovo: Eurosport
Latvia: Eurosport
Lithuania: Eurosport
Luxembourg: Eurosport
Liechtenstein: Eurosport
Malta: Eurosport
Moldova: Eurosport
Monaco: Eurosport
Montenegro: Eurosport
Netherlands: Eurosport
Norway: EurosportNRK
Poland: Eurosport
Portugal: Eurosport
Republic of Ireland: Eurosport
Romania: Eurosport
Russia: Eurosport
San Marino: Eurosport
Serbia: Eurosport
Slovakia: Eurosport
Slovenia: Eurosport
Spain: Eurosport
Sweden: Eurosport
Switzerland: EurosportSRF/RTS/RSI (online only)
Turkey: Eurosport
Ukraine: Eurosport
United Kingdom: Eurosport
Vatican State: Eurosport


Algeria: Eurosport
Bahrain: beIN Sports
Brazil: Globosat
 beIN Sports
Costa Rica: Teletica
Djibouti: beIN Sports
Egypt: EurosportbeIN Sports
Iran: beIN Sports
Iraq: beIN Sports
Jordan: EurosportbeIN Sports
Kyrgyzstan: Eurosport
Kuwait: beIN Sports
Lebanon: EurosportbeIN Sports
Libya: EurosportbeIN Sports
Mauritania: beIN Sports
Morocco: EurosportbeIN Sports
Oman: beIN Sports
Palestine: beIN Sports
Qatar: beIN Sports
Saudi Arabia: beIN Sports
Somalia: beIN Sports
South Sudan: beIN Sports
Sudan: beIN Sports
Syria: EurosportbeIN Sports
Tajikistan: Eurosport
Tunisia: EurosportbeIN Sports
Turkmenistan: Eurosport
United Arab Emirates: beIN Sports
Uzbekistan: Eurosport
Yemen: beIN Sports

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