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Futsal EURO qualifying group stage guide

The new home-and-away qualifiers are running until April, leading to the expanded 16-team finals.

Cardinal celebrates scoring in Portugal's crucial win in Poland
Cardinal celebrates scoring in Portugal's crucial win in Poland LUKASZ GROCHALA/CYFRASPORT

For the first time, UEFA Futsal EURO qualifying includes a qualifying group stage with the eight four-team sections played home and away until April.

The eight group winners and the six best runners-up join hosts the Netherlands in the finals from 9 January to 6 February 2022, with the remaining two runners-up to play off for the other berth from 14–17 November 2021.

  • The finals have now expanded to 16 teams and are played every four years rather than every two
  • Portugal aim to defend the title they won for the first time in Slovenia in 2018
  • Spain have won seven titles (including the initial 1996 tournament before Futsal EURO gained championship status in 1999)
  • Two-time champions Italy and 1999 winners Russia, along with Spain, have played in every final tournament
  • Hoping to earn a finals debut: Albania, Armenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Denmark, Finland, Georgia, Greece, Israel, Latvia, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Norway, Slovakia, Switzerland
  • Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, Portugal, Russia, Serbia and Spain along with hosts Lithuania will compete at the 2021 FIFA Futsal World Cup from 12 September to 3 October.

Qualifying groups: results and fixtures

Futsal EURO 2018 final highlights
Futsal EURO 2018 final highlights

Group 1: Croatia, Ukraine, Denmark, Albania

31 January: Albania 3-10 Ukraine
30 January: Denmark 1-4 Croatia
27 January: Croatia 4-1 Albania

3 March: Croatia vs Ukraine, Albania vs Denmark
4 March: Denmark vs Albania (played in Tirana)
7 March: Ukraine vs Croatia

7 April: Albania vs Croatia, Denmark vs Ukraine
8 April: Ukraine vs Denmark (postponed from 27 January)
10 April: Croatia vs Denmark
11 April: Ukraine vs Albania

France came back from 3-0 down to draw 4-4 in Armenia
France came back from 3-0 down to draw 4-4 in ArmeniaFootball Federation of Armenia

Group 2: Russia, France, Georgia, Armenia

3 February: Armenia 4-4 France
2 February: Georgia 0-4 Russia
29 January: Russia 6-0 Armenia
8 December: France 4-4 Georgia

5 March: Georgia vs Armenia, France vs Russia
9 March: Russia vs France
10 March: Armenia vs Georgia

8 April: Armenia vs Russia
9 April: Georgia vs France
12 April: Russia vs Georgia
14 April: France vs Armenia

Group 3: Azerbaijan, Moldova, Slovakia, Greece

2 February: Greece 0-3 Azerbaijan, Slovakia 4-4 Moldova
29 January: Azerbaijan 4-1 Slovakia
28 January: Moldova 3-1 Greece

4 March: Azerbaijan vs Moldova, Slovakia vs Greece
7 March: Greece vs Slovakia
9 March: Moldova vs Azerbaijan

8 April: Slovakia vs Azerbaijan
9 April: Greece vs Moldova
13 April: Moldova vs Slovakia
14 April: Azerbaijan vs Greece

Romania and Serbia drew 2-2
Romania and Serbia drew 2-2FRF

Group 4: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, Romania, North Macedonia

3 February: Serbia 2-4 Bosnia and Herzegovina, North Macedonia 2-2 Romania
28 January: Romania 2-2 Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina 2-1 North Macedonia

4 March: Romania vs Bosnia and Herzegovina
5 March: Serbia vs North Macedonia
9 March: North Macedonia vs Serbia
10 March: Bosnia and Herzegovina vs Romania

8 April: North Macedonia vs Bosnia and Herzegovina
9 April: Serbia vs Romania
14 April: Bosnia and Herzegovina vs Serbia, Romania vs North Macedonia

Kazakhstan opened with a 5-0 defeat of Hungary
Kazakhstan opened with a 5-0 defeat of Hungarykff.kz

Group 5: Kazakhstan, Belarus, Israel, Hungary

2 March: Kazakhstan 5-2 Belarus
3 February: Hungary 2-1 Belarus
9 December: Kazakhstan 5-0 Hungary
8 December: Israel 0-3 Belarus

3 March: Hungary vs Israel
8 March: Belarus vs Kazakhstan
10 March: Israel vs Hungary

6 April: Hungary vs Kazakhstan, Belarus vs Israel
9 April: Israel vs Kazakhstan (played in Nur-Sultan, postponed from 28 January)
11 April: Kazakhstan vs Israel
13 April: Belarus vs Hungary

Spain are aiming to win back the title they lost in 2018
Spain are aiming to win back the title they lost in 2018RFEF

Group 6: Spain, Slovenia, Latvia, Switzerland

2 February: Spain 3-1 Slovenia
29 January: Latvia 0-1 Slovenia
8 December: Spain 7-0 Latvia, Slovenia 12-1 Switzerland

5 March: Switzerland vs Latvia
6 March: Slovenia vs Spain
9 March: Latvia vs Spain, Switzerland vs Slovenia

8 April: Latvia vs Switzerland (postponed from 1 February)
10 April: Switzerland vs Spain (played in Madrid, postponed from 29 January)
12 April: Slovenia vs Latvia, Spain vs Switzerland

Group 7: Italy, Belgium, Finland, Montenegro

2 February: Italy 7-4 Finland, Belgium 6-2 Montenegro
28 January: Montenegro 0-3 Italy, Belgium 3-3 Finland

4 March: Montenegro vs Belgium
5 March: Finland vs Italy
8 March: Finland vs Montenegro
9 March: Italy vs Belgium

8 April: Belgium vs Italy
9 April: Montenegro vs Finland
13 April: Finland vs Belgium, Italy vs Montenegro

Portugal trailed Poland 2-0 in their opener before drawing with two late goals
Portugal trailed Poland 2-0 in their opener before drawing with two late goalsGetty Images

Group 8: Czech Republic, Portugal (holders), Poland, Norway

3 February: Poland 0-3 Portugal
1 February: Norway 0-5 Czech Republic*
29 January: Portugal 2-2 Poland, Czech Republic 5-0 Norway*

*Matches cancelled

5 March: Norway vs Poland (played in Łódź)
6 March: Portugal vs Czech Republic (played in Łódź)
8 March: Poland vs Norway
9 March: Czech Republic vs Portugal (played in Łódź)

9 April: Czech Republic vs Poland
11 April: Norway vs Portugal (played in Mafra)
14 April: Poland vs Czech Republic, Portugal vs Norway

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Fixture dates

8–9 December 2020
27 January–3 February 2021
2–10 March 2021
6–14 April 2021


Eighth-ranked runner-up vs Seventh-ranked runner-up

  • Two-legged tie from 14–17 November 2021.


  • The teams who competed in the FIFA Futsal World Cup elite round: Azerbaijan, Belarus, Croatia, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Italy, Kazakhstan, Portugal (holders), Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Ukraine
  • The nine qualifying round group winners: Albania, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Hungary, Latvia, Moldova, Norway, Poland
  • The seven qualifying round play-off winners: Armenia, Denmark, Greece, Israel, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Switzerland