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Our mission and pillars

We will continue to protect, grow, innovate and promote football to preserve its ecosystem and to keep the game enjoyable for generations of fans and players to come.


The development of football lays the foundation for a solid sport. It is essential we keep football first in everything we do. Youth and amateur football are key building blocks of tomorrow’s elite men’s and women’s game and are fundamental to the success of European football. Together with our member associations, clubs, players and fans, we will work to build a unified and solid football ecosystem to grow European football.


  • Grow and secure long-term participation within European football
  • Ensure football in Europe is accessible and available to all
  • Lead and support the advancement of national football associations
  • Promote and develop football infrastructure across Europe 

Specific Policies

  • Increase participation by making it more accessible and supporting youth development
  • Promote women’s football
  • Amateur and grassroots support and development
  • Promote futsal and other formats of football
  • Anti-violence, anti-discrimination and inclusivity campaigns
  • Develop volunteer recruitment and retention programmes
  • Raise and harmonise standards for national associations
  • Tailored education for administrators and players
  • Targeted infrastructure funding and modern standards for football facilities benefitting the community


We must be able to have faith in our institutions and in the integrity of the sport to move forward. This means working collectively with our members and stakeholders and trusting one another. We need to lead and be the standard-bearer for good governance, working together with the whole football community and ensuring transparent and democratic processes.


  • Provide leadership to the national associations
  • Protect the integrity of football
  • Promote good governance and increased transparency
  • Develop stakeholder involvement

Specific Policies

  • Good governance standards for national associations
  • Protect the reputation and credibility of football
  • Support national association autonomy and subsidiarity principles
  • Improve ability to detect suspect activity and other conflicts of interest that harm integrity
  • Ensure safety and protection of those participating in football
  • Promote transparent & accountable information
  • Increased dialogue, representation and collaboration with stakeholders
  • Provide more opportunities for fans to get involved
  • Facilitate public affairs and dialogue with government institutions


Our competitions need to be dynamic, entertaining and effective. For this, we must ensure teams, players and their fans have the hope of winning, have the right stage to compete on and that opportunities remain open to all. We must put the right provisions in place to safeguard clubs’ sustainability and competitions’ integrity.


  • Ensure all UEFA competitions are competitive and meaningful for all
  • Work to maintain competitive balance through sporting and financial measures
  • Pursue the optimal football calendar to facilitate domestic and international competitions
  • Protect and support financial sustainability at all levels

Specific Policies

  • Provide more teams and clubs opportunities to play through new and compelling formats
  • Examine financial and sporting tools to support competitive balance
  • Work for a more transparent player transfer, loan and club compensation system
  • Encourage the development of locally trained players
  • Work to discourage player hoarding to give more players opportunities to play
  • Provide assistance to member associations and leagues to develop higher standards to improve competitiveness
  • Sharing additional solidarity funds fairly & proportionately
  • Reinforce and respect the international match calendar
  • Support domestic club licensing and monitoring


The commercial exploitation of UEFA’s premium competitions ensures the majority of UEFA’s solidarity funds. These rights need to be ringfenced and further grown by increasing the engagement of current and future fans. In parallel, we should continue to try new things in order to adapt to changing environments and create new opportunities. New avenues will contribute to a prosperous commercial development for the whole of European football and protect the solidarity funds that are essential for many within our community.


  •  Continue growing revenues
  • Establish continuous fan engagement and relationships
  • Pursue more efficient development through research and investment
  • Enhance our international image and awareness

Specific Policies

  • Strengthen UEFA assets brand values
  • Grow audience and fans community
  • Develop holistic digital ecosystem incl. OTT
  • Provide personalised fan experience
  • Bespoke Business Solutions for partners
  • Insight driven business (data, analytics, ROI)
  • Encourage research & development across football community
  • Strengthen relations with strategic partners
  • Increase UEFA’s global image and awareness