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Getting to know the stars: Aaron Ramsey

Aaron Ramsey talked about the joys of playing with Mesut Özil and reserved high praise for former Gunners' Thierry Henry and Cesc Fàbregas in a live Facebook Q&A.

Aaron Ramsey in Premier League action
Aaron Ramsey in Premier League action ©Getty Images

We gave fans of the UEFA Champions League Facebook page the chance to ask Arsenal midfielder Aaron Ramsey their questions in a live Q&A.

What is your favourite goal in UEFA Champions League history?

Aaron Ramsey: Zinédine Zidane's goal in the 2002 final – that's my favourite goal.

Best player you have played with at Arsenal?

Ramsey: Cesc Fàbregas. He plays in the same position as me and to have him to look up to when I first came here ... He was playing every week, assisting, scoring. He was just a very accomplished midfielder, so probably him.

How would you celebrate if you won the UEFA Champions League?

Ramsey: It would probably last a few days! It would just be a dream come true. You don't really know how you would celebrate until you actually have done it, so I'll answer that when we hopefully do it one day.

Best moment as an Arsenal player?

Ramsey: To win the FA Cup – scoring the winner in the 2014 FA Cup was very nice. That was our first trophy in many years, so that was definitely my best moment so far.

Which young Arsenal players should we be looking out for?

Ramsey: Alex Iwobi, I think. He is very gifted and has great feet so I am sure he will be one to look out for in the future.

Footballing hero growing up?

Ramsey: It was the Cardiff captain at the time, Graham Kavanagh. I used to go down there and watch Cardiff a lot and he played in my position and was captain in the team. That's who I looked up to and that's what I wanted to achieve as well.

What is it like playing with Mesut Özil?

The assist king: Mesut Özil
The assist king: Mesut Özil©AFP/Getty Images

Ramsey: He has a great eye for a ball – he has many assists – and his weight of pass is fantastic as well. He finds those little pockets of space very well and links up the play. 

What is your best position?

Ramsey: Centre midfield. That's where I think I play my best football and that's where I enjoy it the most – so definitely in the middle of the park.

If you could add one player to this Arsenal team past or present, who would it be?

Ramsey: Thierry Henry. What he did for this club was unbelievable. He is definitely a legend in the game so it would be him. 

Toughest opponent?

Ramsey: Scott Parker. He doesn't give you a moment's rest on the ball and is always kicking away at your ankles or tackling you. He is definitely the toughest opponent I've played against.

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