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Women's Champions League quarter-finals: Meet the teams

Meet the eight teams through to March's UEFA Women's Champions League quarter-finals.

The eight knockout contenders
The eight knockout contenders UEFA

Women's Champions League quarter-finalists

Arsenal (ENG) – 2007 winners, record 15th quarter-final
Barcelona (ESP) – 2021 winners, aiming for fourth final in five seasons
Bayern München (GER) – Fifth quarter-final in sixth season, aiming for first final
Chelsea (ENG) – 2021 runners-up, won all three past quarter-finals
Lyon (FRA) – Holders and record eight-time champions, won an unmatched 12 quarter-finals from 13 attempts
Paris Saint-Germain (FRA) – Two-time runners-up, aiming for their seventh success in eight quarter-final appearances
Roma (ITA) – Debut season in Europe, 55th different club to reach last eight
Wolfsburg (GER) – Two-time winners, record 11th consecutive quarter-final

Quarter-final draw: 13:00 CET, 10 February

Arsenal (ENG)

UEFA coefficient ranking (end of 2021/22): 10
How they qualified: English runners-up; W3-2agg vs Ajax
Group stage: Group C winners (W4 D1 L1 F19 A5)
Group stage top scorers: Caitlin Foord, Frida Maanum (4)
Last season: Quarter-finals
Domestic honours: 15 x League champions, 14 x Cup winners
Previous European best: Winners (2006/07)
Quarter-final record: W6 L8

Previous quarter-finals
2021/22: L1-3agg vs Wolfsburg (D1-1 h, L0-2 a)
2019/20: L1-2 vs Paris Saint-Germain (n, San Sebastián)
2013/14: L0-3agg vs Birmingham City (L0-1 a, L0-2 h)
2012/13: W4-1agg vs Torres (W3-1 h, W1-0 a)
2011/12: W3-2agg vs Göteborg [now Häcken] (W3-1 h, L0-1 a)
2010/11: W3-3agg away goals vs Linköping (D1-1 h, D2-2 a)
2009/10: L1-4agg vs Duisburg (L1-2 a, L0-2 h)
2008/09: L3-8agg vs Umeå (W3-2 h, L0-6 a)
2007/08: L2-3agg vs Lyon (D0-0 a, L2-3 h)
2006/07: W9-1agg vs Breidablik (W5-0 a, W4-1 h)
2005/06: L2-4agg vs Frankfurt (D1-1 h, L1-3 a)
2004/05: W4-3agg vs Torres (L0-2 a, W4-1 h)
2002/03: W3-1agg vs CSK VV Samara (W2-0 a, D1-1 h)
2001/02: L2-3agg vs Toulouse (D1-1 h, L1-2aet a)

Potential quarter-final opponents
Bayern: No previous European meetings
Paris Saint-Germain: W0 D0 L1 F1 A2 (L1-2, 2020 quarter-final, one-off tie in Sebastián)
Roma: No previous European meetings

  • The opening 5-1 win at Lyon, the first time OL had conceded five at home, set them up for comfortable progress which was clinched with a game to spare when they lost 1-0 to the holders (their head-to-head advantage making the Gunners safe). Injury to Vivianne Miedema in that game, however, was a big blow on top of already having lost Beth Mead. However, even without that pair they hit nine in their last match against Zürich to finish top.
  • Arsenal have reached a record 15 quarter-finals, in as many entries; they have also become only the second club after Lyon to get to 100 games in this competition.
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Barcelona (ESP)

UEFA coefficient ranking (end of 2021/22): 2
How they qualified: Spanish champions
Group stage: Group D winners (W5 D0 L1 F29 A6)
Group stage top scorer: Aitana Bonmatí (5)
Last season: Runners-up
Domestic honours: 7 x League champions, 9 x Cup winners
Previous European best: Winners (2020/21)
Quarter-final record: W5 L3

Previous quarter-finals
2021/22: W8-3agg vs Real Madrid (W3-1 a, W5-2 h)
2020/21: W4-2agg vs Manchester City (W3-0 h played in Monza, L1-2 a)
2019/20: W1-0 vs Atlético (n, Bilbao)
2018/19: W4-0agg vs LSK Kvinner (W3-0 h, W1-0 a)
2017/18: L1-3agg vs Lyon (L1-2 a, L0-1 h)
2016/17: W3-0agg vs Rosengård (W1-0 a, W2-0 h)
2015/16: L0-1agg vs Paris Saint-Germain (D0-0 h, L0-1 a)
2013/14: L0-5agg vs Wolfsburg (L0-3 h, L0-2 a)

Potential quarter-final opponents
Lyon: W0 D0 L4 F3 A10 (L1-3, 2022 final: Turin; L1-4, 2019 final: Budapest; L1-2 a /L0-1 h, 2018 quarter-finals: agg 1-3)
Paris Saint-Germain: W1 D2 L3 F4 A8 (D1-1 a / W2-1 h, 2021 semi-finals, agg 3-2; L1-3 h / L0-2 a, 2017 semi-finals: agg 1-5; D0-0 h / L0-1 a, 2016 quarter-finals, agg 0-1)
Roma: No previous European meetings

  • A 9-0 opening victory against Benfica was the spark to a comfortable progress with a new mark for this round of 29 goals, even if their perfect group stage record dating back to last season was ended by a 3-1 loss at Bayern on Matchday 4. Still, the performances of Aitana Bonmatí, Geyse, Mariona Caldentey and Asisat Oshoala among others have ensured the injury loss of Alexia Putellas and departure of Jenni Hermoso have not halted the Barcelona juggernaut as they attempt to win back the title.
  • Reached three finals in four years and attracted two record-breaking 90,000+ crowds to their home knockout games at the Camp Nou last season. This season broke the group stage best with the 46,967 that watched them play Bayern.
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Bayern München (GER)

UEFA coefficient ranking (end of 2021/22): 5
How they qualified: German runners-up; W4-1agg vs Real Sociedad
Group stage: Group D runners-up (W5 D0 L1 F14 A7)
Group stage top scorers: Georgia Stanway, Klara Bühl (3)
Last season: Quarter-finals
Domestic honours: 4 x League champions, 1 x Cup winners
Previous European best: Semi-finals (2018/19, 2020/21)
Quarter-final record: W2 L3

Previous quarter-finals
2021/22: L3-4agg vs Paris Saint-Germain (L1-2 h, D2-2aet a)
2020/21: W4-0agg vs Rosengård (W3-0 h, W1-0 a)
2019/20: L1-2 vs Lyon (n, Bilbao)
2018/19: W6-2agg vs Slavia Praha (D1-1 a, W5-1 h)
2016/17: L1-4agg vs Paris Saint-Germain (W1-0 h, L0-4 a)

Potential quarter-final opponents
Arsenal: No previous European meetings
Chelsea: W2 D0 L2 F5 A7 (W2-1 h / L1-4 a, 2021 semi-finals, agg 3-5; L0-1 a /W2-1 h, 2018 round of 32, agg 2-2 lost on away goals)
Wolfsburg: No previous European meetings

  • Bayern had to come from behind to beat Rosengård and Benfica in their first two games, recovering from 2-0 down in Lisbon to win 3-2, and that proved crucial as they were to go through with a game to spare. Became the first team to take points off Barcelona in a group with their 3-1 Matchday 4 victory.
  • Beat eventual winners Lyon 1-0 at home in the group stage last season and took Paris to extra time in the quarter-finals.
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Chelsea (ENG)

UEFA coefficient ranking (end of 2021/22): 6
How they qualified: English champions
Group stage: Group A winners (W5 D1 L0 F19 A1)
Group stage top scorer: Sam Kerr (5)
Last season: Group stage
Domestic honours: 5 x League champions, 4 x Cup winners
Previous European best: Runners-up (2020/21)
Quarter-final record: W3 L0

Previous quarter-finals
2020/21: W5-1agg vs Wolfsburg (W2-1 h, W3-0 a, both legs in Budapest)
2018/19: W3-2agg vs Paris Saint-Germain (W2-0 h, L1-2 a)
2017/18: W5-1agg vs Montpellier (W2-0 a, W3-1 h)

Potential quarter-final opponents
Bayern: W2 D0 L2 F7 A5 (L1-2 a / W4-1 h, 2021 semi-finals, agg 5-2; W1-0 h / L1-2 a, 2018 round of 32, agg 2-2 won on away goals)
Lyon: W0 D1 L1 F2 A3 (L1-2 a / D1-1 h, 2019 semi-finals, agg 2-3)
Roma: No previous European meetings

  • Began with a 1-0 win at Paris and picked up four points against Real Madrid before victory at Vllaznia on 16 December took them through exactly one year on from the 4-0 loss at Wolfsburg that ended their hopes in last season's group stage. A 3-0 win against Paris in Stamford Bridge made sure of first place.
  • Their 16 points was the highest across the groups.
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Lyon (FRA, holders) 

UEFA coefficient ranking (end of 2021/22): 1
How they qualified: Holders, French champions
Group stage: Group C runners-up (W3 D2 L1 F10 A6)
Group stage top scorer: Melvine Malard (4)
Last season: Winners
Domestic honours: 15 x League champions, 9 x Cup winners
Previous European best: Winners x 8 (2010/11, 2011/12, 2015/16, 2016/17, 2017/18, 2018/19, 2019/20, 2021/22)
Quarter-final record: W12 L1

Previous quarter-finals
2021/22: W4-3agg vs Juventus (L1-2 a, W3-1 h)
2020/21: L2-2agg away goals vs Paris Saint-Germain (W1-0 a, L1-2 h)
2019/20: W2-1 vs Bayern (n, Bilbao)
2018/19: W6-3agg vs Wolfsburg (W2-1 h, W4-2 a)
2017/18: W3-1agg vs Barcelona (W2-1 h, W1-0 a)
2016/17: W2-1agg vs Wolfsburg (W2-0 a, L0-1 h)
2015/16: W9-1agg vs Slavia Praha (W9-1 h, D0-0 a)
2012/13: W8-0agg vs Rosengård (W5-0 h, W3-0 a)
2011/12: W8-0agg vs Brøndby (W4-0 h, W4-0 a)
2010/11: W1-0agg vs Zvezda-2005 (D0-0 a, W1-0 h)
2009/10: W3-1agg vsTorres (W3-0 h, L0-1 a)
2008/09: W9-1agg vs Bardolino Verona (W5-0 a, W4-1 h)
2007/08: W3-2agg vs Arsenal (D0-0 h, W3-2 a)

Potential quarter-final opponents
Barcelona: W4 D0 L0 F10 A3 (W3-1, 2022 final, Turin; W4-1, 2019 final, Budapest; W2-1 h / W1-0 a, 2018 quarter-finals, agg 3-1)
: W1 D1 L0 F3 A2 (W2-1 h / D1-1a, 2019 semi-finals, agg: 3-2)
Wolfsburg: W5 D1 L2 F16 A8 (W3-1, 2020 final, San Sebastián; W2-1 h / W4-2 a, 2019 quarter-finals, agg 6-3; W4-1aet, 2018 final, Kyiv; W2-0 a / L0-1 h, 2017 quarter-finals, agg 2-1; D1-1aet W7-6pens, 2016 final, Reggio Emilia; L0-1, 2013 final, London)

  • A shock exit was on the cards after losing 5-1 at home to Arsenal and being held by Juventus. But two defeats of Zurich and a gritty 1-0 win at Arsenal meant that they only needed a draw at home to Juventus in their last game and the 0-0 result took them into a 14th quarter-final in 16 years.
  • During the group stage became the first team to pass 100 wins in this competition, adding to their many records including the eighth title claimed last season.
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Paris Saint-Germain (FRA)

UEFA coefficient ranking (end of 2021/22): 4
How they qualified: French runners-up; W4-1agg vs Häcken
Group stage: Group A runners-up (W3 D1 L2 F11 A5)
Group stage top scorer: Kadidiatou Diani (3)
Last season: Semi-finals
Domestic honours: 1 x League champions, 3 x Cup winners
Previous European best: Runners-up (2014/15, 2016/17)
Quarter-final record: W6 L1

Previous quarter-finals
2021/22: W4-3agg vs Bayern (W2-1 a, D2-2aet h)
2020/21: W2-2agg away goals vs Lyon (L0-1 h, W2-1 a)
2019/20: W2-1 vs Arsenal (n, San Sebastián)
2018/19: L2-3agg vs Chelsea (L0-2 a, W2-1 h)
2016/17: W4-1agg vs Bayern (L0-1 a, W4-0 h)
2015/16: W1-0agg vs Barcelona (D0-0 a, W1-0 h)
2014/15: W7-0agg vs Glasgow City (W2-0 a, W5-0 h)

Potential quarter-final opponents
Arsenal: W1 D0 L0 F2 A1 (W2-1, 2020 quarter-final, San Sebastián)
: W3 D2 L1 F8 A4 (D1-1 h / L1-2 a, 2021 semi-finals, agg 2-3; W3-1 a / W2-0 h, 2017 semi-finals: agg 5-1; D0-0 a / W1-0 h, 2016 quarter-finals, agg 1-0)
: W1 D0 L1 F3 A2 (W2-0 a / L1-2 h, 2015 semi-finals, agg 3-2)

  • Like Lyon, had a slow start with a home loss to Chelsea and draw at Madrid but then beat Vllaznia twice and edged out the Spanish side 2-1 at Parc des Princes to advance.
  • Goalkeeper Sarah Bouhaddi and coach Gérard Prêcheur were with Lyon when they beat Paris in the 2017 final; Bouhaddi scoring the winning penalty. Sakina Karchaoui and Kheira Hamraoui are also former Lyon players and past final winners.
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Roma (ITA)

UEFA coefficient ranking (end of 2021/22): N/A
How they qualified: Italian runners-up; W3-1 vs Glasgow City, W0-0, 5-4pens vs Paris FC, W6-2agg vs Sparta Praha
Group stage: Group B runners-up (W4 D1 L1 F16 A8)
Group stage top scorers: Valentina Giacinti (4)
Last season: Not in competition
Domestic honours: 1 x Cup winners
Previous European best: Debut season

Potential quarter-final opponents
Arsenal: No previous European meetings
: No previous European meetings
: No previous European meetings

  • The only European debutants to make this season's group stage, they needed comebacks to beat Slavia Praha and St. Pölten in their first two games; only took a point against Wolfsburg but then overcame the Austrian side again to progress.
  • The 55th different club to reach the quarter-finals over the 22 seasons of UEFA women's competition and the sixth Italian side; only England have had more different teams in the last eight.
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Wolfsburg (GER)

UEFA coefficient ranking (end of 2021/22): 3
How they qualified: German champions
Group stage: Group B winners (W4 D2 L0 F19 A5)
Group stage top scorer: Ewa Pajor (7)
Last season: Semi-finals
Domestic honours: 7 x League champions, 9 x Cup winners
Previous European best: Winners (2012/13, 2013/14)
Quarter-final record: W7 L3

Previous quarter-finals
2021/22: W3-1agg vs Arsenal (D1-1 a, W2-0 h)
2020/21: L1-5agg vs Chelsea (L1-2 a, L0-3 h, both legs in Budapest)
2019/20: W9-1 vs Glasgow City (n, San Sebastián)
2018/19: L3-6 vs Lyon (L1-2 a, L2-4 h)
2017/18: W6-1 vs Slavia Praha (W5-0 h, D1-1 a)
2016/17: L1-2 vs Lyon (L0-2 h, W1-0 a)
2015/16: W6-0agg vs Brescia (W3-0 h, W3-0 a)
2014/15: W4-4agg away goals vs Rosengård (D1-1 h, D3-3 a)
2013/14: W5-0agg vs Barcelona (W3-0 a, W2-0 h)
2012/13: W4-1agg vs Rossiyanka (W2-1 h, W2-0 a)

Potential quarter-final opponents
Bayern: No previous European meetings
: W2 D1 L5 F8 A16 (L1-3, 2020 final, San Sebastián; L1-2 a / L2-4 h, 2019 quarter-finals, agg 3-6; L1-4aet, 2018 final, Kyiv; L0-2 h / W1-0 a, 2017 quarter-finals, agg 1-2; D1-1aet L6-7pens, 2016 final, Reggio Emilia; W1-0, 2013 final, London)
Paris Saint-Germain: W1 D0 L1 F2 A3 (L0-2 h / W2-1 a, 2015 semi-finals, agg 2-3)

  • The only side to qualify with two games to go with a 4-2 win against Roma, before wrapping up first place. For the second year running had the group stage top scorer, Pajor following in Tabea Wassmuth's footsteps.
  • Have reached at least the quarter-finals in all 11 seasons since their 2012/13 debut (the longest-ever consecutive run), but are without a title since winning in their first two campaigns.
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Cup winners refers only to main FA national cup in each country.

Women's Champions League knockout dates

First leg: 21/22 March
Second leg: 29/30 March

First leg: 22/23 April
Second leg: 29/30 April

Final (PSV Stadion, Eindhoven)
18:00 CET, 3 June