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Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo goal for goal

Cristiano Ronaldo remains out in front of Lionel Messi as their goal race continues.

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo goal for goal
Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo goal for goal ©Getty Images

It is one of the UEFA Champions League's best sub-plots: Lionel Messi against Cristiano Ronaldo at the top of the all-time scoring charts.

The pair ended 2014/15 level on 77 goals but Ronaldo has since pulled away. The Juventus star leads 128–114 in terms of UEFA Champions League goals. In all UEFA club competition action the scoreline is 131–117 in the Portuguese forward's favour. has listed all of Messi and Ronaldo's UEFA Champions League goals since they first struck at this level – picking out some noteworthy stats amid the numbers. 

  • Ronaldo was the first to reach 100 goals with a single club, reaching the mark for Real Madrid on 14 February 2018; Messi completed his century, all for Barcelona, exactly a month later
  • Messi has been on the losing side just three times when he has scored
  • 2017/18 was the seventh season running that Ronaldo scored ten goals or more in the UEFA Champions League
  • Messi has scored in 15 UEFA Champions League seasons, one off Ryan Giggs's record
  • Ronaldo has netted twice or more on 35 different occasions
  • Each has scored eight hat-tricks
  • Ronaldo did not score until his 30th game in the competition
  • Ronaldo is the first player to amass 50 knockout goals, and is now past 60
  • Ronaldo is the only player to score in three UEFA Champions League finals
  • Ronaldo is the only player to score in 11 consecutive appearances in the competition proper
  • Ronaldo's ten goals against his current club Juventus is more than anyone has scored against a single opponent
  • Messi leads Ronaldo 68–63 in all-time group stage goals
  • Ronaldo took 144 games to reach 100; Messi 123

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo's goal by goal record
UEFA Champions League (group stage to final)
(all goals scored for Barcelona)
(goals 1-15 for Man Utd; 16-120 for Real Madrid; 121 onwards for Juventus)
1Panathinaikos (h), 5-002/11/05Group stageRoma (h), 7-110/04/07 Quarter-final second leg
2Werder Bremen (a), 1-127/09/06 Group stage Roma (h), 7-110/04/07Quarter-final second leg
Lyon (h), 3-019/09/07 Group stage Milan (h), 3-224/04/07 Semi-final first leg
Stuttgart (a), 2-0 02/10/07 Group stage Sporting CP (a), 1-0 19/09/07 Group stage 
Rangers (h), 2-007/11/07Group stage Dynamo Kyiv (a), 4-2 23/10/07 Group stage 
Lyon (a), 2-2 27/11/07 Group stage Dynamo Kyiv (a), 4-2 23/10/07 Group stage 
Celtic (a), 3-220/02/08 Round of 16 first legDynamo Kyiv (h), 4-0 07/11/07 Group stage 
Celtic (a), 3-220/02/08 Round of 16 first leg Sporting CP (h), 2-1  27/11/07 Group stage 
Shakhtar (a), 2-101/10/08 Group stage Lyon (h), 1-0 04/03/08 Round of 16 second leg
10 Shakhtar (a), 2-101/10/08Group stageRoma (a), 2-0 01/04/08 Quarter-final first leg
11 Basel (a), 5-022/10/08 Group stage Chelsea (n), 1-1 21/05/08 Final
12 Basel (h), 1-1 04/11/08 Group stage Internazionale (h), 2-0 11/03/09 Round of 16 second leg
13Sporting CP (a), 5-2 26/11/08 Group stage Porto (a), 1-015/04/09 Quarter-final second leg
14 Lyon (h), 5-2 11/03/09 Round of 16 second leg Arsenal (a), 3-1 05/05/09 Semi-final second leg 
15 Bayern (h), 4-008/04/09Quarter-final first legArsenal (a), 3-1 05/05/09 Semi-final second leg 
16 Bayern (h), 4-0 08/04/09Quarter-final first leg Zürich (a), 5-2 15/09/09 Group stage 
17 Man Utd (n), 2-0 27/05/09 Final Zürich (a), 5-215/09/09Group stage 
18 Dynamo Kyiv (h), 2-0  29/09/09Group stage Marseille (h), 3-0 30/09/09 Group stage 
19Dynamo Kyiv (a), 2-1 09/12/09Group stage Marseille (h), 3-0 30/09/09 Group stage 
20 Stuttgart (h), 4-0 17/03/10Round of 16 second legMarseille (a), 3-1 08/12/09 Group stage 
21 Stuttgart (h), 4-0 17/03/10 Round of 16 second leg Marseille (a), 3-1 08/12/09Group stage 
22 Arsenal (h), 4-106/04/10 Quarter-final second legLyon (h), 1-1 10/03/10 Round of 16 second leg
23 Arsenal (h), 4-106/04/10 Quarter-final second legMilan (h), 2-0 19/10/10 Group stage 
24 Arsenal (h), 4-106/04/10 Quarter-final second legAjax (a), 4-0 23/11/10Group stage 
25 Arsenal (h), 4-106/04/10 Quarter-final second legAjax (a), 4-0 23/11/10 Group stage 
26 Panathinaikos (h), 5-114/09/10 Group stage Auxerre (h), 4-0 08/12/10 Group stage 
27 Panathinaikos (h), 5-114/09/10 Group stage Tottenham (h), 4-0 05/04/11Quarter-final first leg
28 København (h), 2-020/10/10 Group stage Tottenham (a), 1-0 13/04/11Quarter-final second leg
29 København (h), 2-0 20/10/10 Group stage Ajax (h), 3-0 27/09/11 Group stage 
30 København (a), 1-1 02/11/10 Group stage Lyon (a), 2-002/11/11 Group stage 
31 Panathinaikos (a), 3-024/11/10 Group stage Lyon (a), 2-0 02/11/11 Group stage 
32 Arsenal (h), 3-1 08/03/11 Round of 16 second legCSKA Moskva (a), 1-121/02/12 Round of 16 first leg 
33 Arsenal (h), 3-1 08/03/11 Round of 16 second legCSKA Moskva (h), 4-1 14/03/12Round of 16 second leg
34 Shakhtar (a), 1-012/04/11Quarter-final second legCSKA Moskva (h), 4-114/03/12Round of 16 second leg
35 Real Madrid (a), 2-0 27/04/11 Semi-final first leg APOEL (h), 5-2 04/04/12 Quarter-final second leg
36Real Madrid (a), 2-027/04/11Semi-final first legAPOEL (h), 5-204/04/12Quarter-final second leg
37 Man Utd (n), 3-1 28/05/11 Final Bayern (h), 2-1 25/04/12Semi-final second leg 
38 BATE (a), 5-028/09/11Group stage Bayern (h), 2-1 25/04/12Semi-final second leg 
39 BATE (a), 5-0 28/09/11 Group stage Man City (h), 3-2 18/09/12Group stage 
40 Viktoria Plzeň (a), 4-001/11/11 Group stage Ajax (a), 4-1 03/10/12 Group stage 
41 Viktoria Plzeň (a), 4-0 01/11/11 Group stage Ajax (a), 4-1 03/10/12 Group stage 
42 Viktoria Plzeň (a), 4-0 01/11/11 Group stage Ajax (a), 4-103/10/12 Group stage 
43 Milan (a), 3-223/11/11Group stageDortmund (a), 1-224/10/12Group stage
44 Leverkusen (a), 3-1 14/02/12 Round of 16 first legAjax (h), 4-104/12/12Group stage
45Leverkusen (h), 7-107/03/12Round of 16 second legMan Utd (h), 1-113/02/13Round of 16 first leg
46Leverkusen (h), 7-107/03/12Round of 16 second legMan Utd (a), 2-105/03/13Round of 16 second leg
47Leverkusen (h), 7-107/03/12Round of 16 second legGalatasaray (h), 3-003/04/13Quarter-final first leg
48Leverkusen (h), 7-107/03/12Round of 16 second legGalatasaray (a), 2-309/04/13Quarter-final second leg
49Leverkusen (h), 7-107/03/12Round of 16 second legGalatasaray (a), 2-309/04/13Quarter-final second leg
50Milan (h), 3-103/04/12Quarter-final second legDortmund (a), 1-424/04/13Semi-final first leg
51Milan (h), 3-103/04/12Quarter-final second legGalatasaray (a), 6-1 17/09/13Group stage
52Spartak Moskva (h), 3-219/09/12Group stageGalatasaray (a), 6-117/09/13Group stage
53 Spartak Moskva (h), 3-219/09/12 Group stage Galatasaray (a), 6-117/09/13 Group stage 
54 Celtic (a), 1-2 07/11/12 Group stage København (h), 4-002/10/13 Group stage
55 Spartak Moskva (a), 3-0 20/11/12 Group stage København (h), 4-002/10/13 Group stage 
56 Spartak Moskva (a), 3-0 20/11/12 Group stage Juventus (h), 2-1 23/10/13 Group stage 
57 Milan (h), 4-012/03/13 Round of 16 second leg Juventus (h), 2-1 23/10/13 Group stage 
58 Milan (h), 4-0 12/03/13 Round of 16 second leg Juventus (a), 2-205/11/13 Group stage 
59 Paris (a), 2-202/04/13 Quarter-final first leg København (a), 2-010/12/13 Group stage 
60 Ajax (h), 4-0 18/09/13 Group stage Schalke (a), 6-1 26/02/14 Round of 16 first leg 
61 Ajax (h), 4-0 18/09/13 Group stage Schalke (a), 6-1 26/02/14 Round of 16 first leg  
62 Ajax (h), 4-0 18/09/13 Group stage Schalke (h), 3-1 18/03/14 Round of 16 second leg
63 Milan (a), 1-1 22/10/13 Group stage Schalke (h), 3-118/03/14Round of 16 second leg
64 Milan (h), 3-1 06/11/13 Group stage Dortmund (h), 3-002/04/14Quarter-final first leg
65 Milan (h), 3-1 06/11/13 Group stage Bayern (a), 4-0 29/04/14 Semi-final second leg
66 Man City (a), 2-0 18/02/14 Round of 16 first leg Bayern (a), 4-0 29/04/14Semi-final second leg
67 Man City (h), 2-1 12/03/14 Round of 16 second leg Atlético (n), 4-125/05/14 Final 
68 Paris (a), 2-3 30/09/14 Group stage Basel (h), 5-116/09/14 Group stage
69 Ajax (h), 3-1 21/10/14 Group stage Ludogorets (a), 2-1 01/10/14Group stage
70 Ajax (a), 2-0 05/11/14 Group stage Liverpool (a), 3-022/10/14 Group stage 
71 Ajax (a), 2-0 05/11/14 Group stage Basel (a), 1-0 26/11/14Group stage 
72 APOEL (a), 4-0 25/11/14 Group stage Ludogorets (h), 4-0 09/12/14Group stage 
73 APOEL (a), 4-0 25/11/14 Group stage Schalke (a), 2-0 18/02/15 Round of 16 first leg 
74 APOEL (a), 4-0 25/11/14 Group stage Schalke (h), 3-4 10/03/15Round of 16 second leg 
75Paris (h), 3-1 10/12/14Group stage Schalke (h), 3-410/03/15 Round of 16 second leg
76Bayern (h), 3-006/05/15Semi-final first legJuventus (a), 1-205/05/15Semi-final first leg
77Bayern (h), 3-006/05/15Semi-final first legJuventus (h), 1-113/05/15Semi-final second leg
78Roma (h), 6-124/11/15Group stageShakhtar (h), 4-015/09/15Group stage
79Roma (h), 6-124/11/15Group stageShakhtar (h), 4-015/09/15Group stage
80Leverkusen (a), 1-109/12/15Group stageShakhtar (h), 4-015/09/15Group stage
81Arsenal (a), 2-023/02/16Round of 16 first legMalmö (a), 2-030/09/15Group stage
82Arsenal (a), 2-023/02/16Round of 16 first legMalmö (a), 2-030/09/15Group stage
83Arsenal (h), 3-116/03/16Round of 16 second legShakhtar (a), 4-325/11/15Group stage
84Celtic (h), 7-013/09/16Group stageShakhtar (a), 4-325/11/15Group stage
85Celtic (h), 7-013/09/16Group stageMalmö (h), 8-008/12/15Group stage
86Celtic (h), 7-013/09/16Group stageMalmö (h), 8-008/12/15Group stage
87Man City (h), 4-019/10/16Group stageMalmö (h), 8-008/12/15Group stage
88Man City (h), 4-0 19/10/16 Group stage  Malmö (h), 8-008/12/15Group stage
89Man City (h), 4-0 19/10/16 Group stage  Roma (a), 2-017/02/16Round of 16 first leg
90Man City (a), 1-301/11/16Group stageRoma (h), 2-008/03/16Round of 16 second leg
91Celtic (a), 2-023/11/16Group stageWolfsburg (h), 3-012/04/16Quarter-final second leg
92Celtic (a), 2-023/11/16 Group stageWolfsburg (h), 3-012/04/16Quarter-final second leg
93Mönchengladbach (h), 4-006/12/16Group stageWolfsburg (h), 3-012/04/16Quarter-final second leg
94Paris (h), 6-108/03/17Round of 16 second legSporting CP (h), 2-114/09/16Group stage
95Juventus (h), 3-012/09/17Group stageDortmund (a), 2-227/09/16Group stage
96Juventus (h), 3-012/09/17Group stageBayern (a), 2-112/04/17Quarter-final first leg
97Olympiacos (h), 3-118/10/17Group stageBayern (a), 2-112/04/17Quarter-final first leg
98Chelsea (a), 1-120/02/18Round of 16 first legBayern (h), 4-218/04/17Quarter-final second leg
99Chelsea (h), 3-014/03/18Round of 16 second legBayern (h), 4-218/04/17Quarter-final second leg
100Chelsea (h), 3-014/03/18Round of 16 second legBayern (h), 4-218/04/17Quarter-final second leg
101PSV (h), 4-018/09/18Group stageAtlético (h), 3-002/05/17Semi-final first leg
102PSV (h), 4-018/09/18Group stageAtlético (h), 3-002/05/17Semi-final first leg
103PSV (h), 4-018/09/18Group stageAtlético (h), 3-002/05/17Semi-final first leg
104Tottenham (a), 4-203/10/18Group stageJuventus (n), 4-103/06/17Final
105Tottenham (a), 4-203/10/18Group stageJuventus (n), 4-103/06/17Final
106PSV (a), 2-128/11/18Group stageAPOEL (h), 3-013/09/17Group stage
107Lyon (h), 5-113/03/19Round of 16 second legAPOEL (h), 3-013/09/17Group stage
108Lyon (h), 5-113/03/19Round of 16 second legDortmund (a), 3-126/09/17Group stage
109Man Utd (h), 3-016/04/19Quarter-final second legDortmund (a), 3-126/09/17Group stage
110Man Utd (h), 3-016/04/19Quarter-final second leg Tottenham (h), 1-117/10/17Group stage
111Liverpool (h), 3-001/05/19Semi-final first legTottenham (a), 1-301/11/17Group stage
112Liverpool (h), 3-001/05/19Semi-final first legAPOEL (a), 6-021/11/17Group stage
113Slavia Praha (a), 2-123/10/19Group stageAPOEL (a), 6-021/11/17Group stage
114Dortmund (h), 3-127/11/19Group stageDortmund (h), 3-206/12/17Group stage
115   Paris (h), 3-114/02/18Round of 16 first leg
116   Paris (h), 3-114/02/18Round of 16 first leg
117   Paris (a), 2-106/03/18Round of 16 second leg
118   Juventus (a), 3-003/04/18Quarter-final first leg
119   Juventus (a), 3-003/04/18Quarter-final first leg
120   Juventus (h), 1-311/04/18Quarter-final second leg
121   Man Utd (h), 1-207/11/18Group stage
122   Atlético (h), 3-012/03/19Round of 16 second leg
123   Atlético (h), 3-012/03/19Round of 16 second leg
124   Atlético (h), 3-012/03/19Round of 16 second leg
125   Ajax (a), 1-110/04/19Quarter-final first leg
126   Ajax (h), 1-216/04/19Quarter-final second leg
127   Leverkusen (h), 3-001/10/19Group stage
128   Leverkusen (a), 2-011/12/19Group stage

All stats are group stage to final only.

Please note that the player's club is always mentioned first in the scorelines, even if they are away from home.

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Ronaldo: Debrecen 3-0 (h) 09/08/05, UEFA Champions League third qualifying round; Sevilla 2-0 x 2 (n), 12/08/2014, UEFA Super Cup